Former Customer Claim Form

The City of Riverside will distribute refunds to its Current and Former Riverside Public Utilities electric Customers in proportion to each Customer’s contribution to the total amount being refunded.

If, according to the City’s records, you are a Former Customer, you must file a claim to receive your refund. Claims must be submitted electronically or postmarked by November 30, 2023.

If you have at least one active City of Riverside Public Utilities electric account, you are a Current Customer and you do not have to file a claim for any of your accounts. Refunds to Current Customers will cover all eligible active and inactive accounts and will be issued in the form of on-bill credits beginning February, 2023. Current Customers do not have to take any action to receive these on-bill credits.

To begin, please enter the Unique ID and PIN provided on the notice packet you received and click Next.

The Unique ID and PIN are included at the top right portion of the Notice sent to you.
Please do not include punctuation, such as dashes, in your Unique ID when entering it below.